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Multigenerational households are on the rise. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans lives in a multigenerational home. What is it anyway?

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The North Carolina Home Builder Guide to Multigenerational Homes

A multigenerational household is one where extended family members live under one roof. Basically, a multigenerational family has at least two generations of adults living together in the same house for practical reasons. This could look like a home with grandparents, their children, and their grandchildren living together. Multigenerational living has been a tradition in many cultures outside of the country. However, this has become a trend in the US. If you are considering buying or building a multigenerational home, make sure to read through this North Carolina Home Builder Guide to Multigenerational Homes.

The Benefits:

Here are the top benefits of living in a multigenerational home:

Family members can share financial expenses.

Generations can pool and share resources to make buying a multigenerational home a lot easier compared to purchasing a single home on their own. That also means members can split paying for utilities, insurance, and mortgages after purchasing or building their multigenerational home. This sharing scheme helps make it easier for each generation to save up for things they may be dreaming of buying or having in the future.

It allows for a better division of labor.

A multigenerational home is a dream for career parents with young kids. With the help of the children’s grandparents, they can focus on their jobs without worrying much about their safety. In addition, this setup ensures that each household member does their part in keeping their home clean and organized. Some tasks that require hard physical labor are better performed by younger generations. Chores that are less physically demanding can be left with the older generations.

It strengthens the bond between families.

Spending much quality time with family members can develop a high level of closeness between them. Grandparents and grandchildren significantly benefit from a multigenerational home. Grandchildren can learn a lot of important family values from their grandparents. Whereas grandparents can feel more engaged and useful when they have the opportunity to raise their grandchildren first hand. This prevents them from becoming lonely and detached from society.

It ensures safety.

There is indeed safety in numbers. In a home where multiple generations live, members of the family can be assured of their security. They can take turns looking after their home. It also prevents the occurrence of accidents. Members of the family that require assistance, such as the elderly and persons with disabilities, are always sure to have a companion.

The Challenge:

Home builders in North Carolina agree that this setup's biggest challenge is balancing togetherness and privacy in one space. Each generation needs to have a space they can call their own. They may crave some alone time or want to enjoy activities the other generations may not be fond of. Without privacy, some may feel like living with family may become unbearable. This leads to conflicts within the family.

Points to Consider:

North Carolina Home Builder, the expert Multigenerational Home Builder North Carolina, gathered these points to consider before purchasing or designing a multigenerational home:


Think ahead. The aging members may need to have assistive walking devices in the future. Incorporate Universal Design and go with an open concept layout to maintain a lifestyle that promotes independence.


Design a dual-purpose space that can be easily converted when the time for need arises.

Different entry/exit points.

Each generation may have overlapping schedules. Having separate exit and entry points can let them come and go without disturbing others.

Parking and storage space.

Evaluate how much space each member of the family needs. Make sure to use every bit of space wisely and creatively.

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